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A perfect blend of both worlds, all Axe models combine the superb maneuverability of the O-Zones with the oversize head and stability of the Re-Ignites. At 88.9 sq. inches, it’s closer in the size to the 92 sq. inch Re-Ignite and it features the O-Zone models’ legendary longer handle, specifically designed to accommodate one of the most important shots in the modern game: the two-handed backhand. Featuring a massive sweet spot that is very forgiving on balls hit outside of it.


  • Weight:  350g
  • Core Density:  Low
  • Surface:  Grit
  • Carbon Mesh Rim:  Yes
  • Carbon Throat:  Yes
  • Surface Area:  89.9
  • Beam:  19mm
  • Overall Length:  18"
  • Handle Length:  Long
  • Balance:  Even
  • Grip:  SuperSoft
  • Grip Size:  4 1/4"

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