Steam Lite GRUUV v2

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The Steam Lite GRUUV v2 gives players excellent power and an improved feel in a lightweight composition. This paddle is headlined by GRUUV, a technology featuring angled holes in the middle of the paddle that grab the ball for more spin and feel. Countervail helps dampen vibrations in the arm and Lite Density Foam generates a boost of lightweight power.


  • GRUUV optimizes spin and feels through angled holes that maximize ball contact on the paddle surface and allow edges to grab the ball more effectively
  • Countervail directs the ball's energy within the paddle instead of the body to maximize player energy, reduce muscle fatigue and shorten recovery time
  • Lite Density Foam maximizes responsiveness in a lightweight composition to produce stronger results without suffering arm fatigue
  • No Grit Zone establishes unparalleled comfort by removing the rough grit texture from the bottom of the paddle
  • Killer Grit Technology triples the amount of grit on the paddle surface for extra control and feel for the ball
  • LH Technology delivers enhanced spin through an enhanced hole-drilling process that maximizes hole sizing
  • Bottle Opener at the base of the handle for those who want to drink responsibly


  • Beam: 19 mm
  • Core Type: Lite
  • Head Size: 86 sq in
  • Length: 18 in
  • Weight: 360 g

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