Midnight Paddle Rusty Orange/Navy

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Midnight Paddles have an oversized head, a great sweet spot, and the slickest design on the market. The matte finish will not only have you looking the part but have you ready to take on the world.

"Life is all about the edgy moments, the sweet wins, and the big finishes.  For over a decade, we have worked to build the Midnight Paddle and Midnight Machete brand into a collection you want to have with you -- day or night --summer or winter -- for all life has in store."   - Mo Morrison (Owner of Midnight Machete)


  • Core density low
  • Excellent “grit” for maximum spin control
  • Zero grit near the handle
  • 87-hole pattern
  • Perfectly balanced weight for a natural feel
  • Standard grip size
  • 2021 / 2022 APTA approved Midnight Paddle Racket

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