Xenon Vector+ Spin Max

Xenon Vector+ Spin Max

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This is the Spin Max version of Xenon's Vector+ used by the top players in the game. Scientifically designed with the help of an aerospace engineer, Xenon's patent-pending Spin Max design provides the additional spin you are looking for, with consistency off the face.

The Vector+ comes in the matte black that is standard for the Vector line with a red Xenon logo. A 370g weighting, but with the weighting towards the handle, this paddle is extremely easy to move and generate quicker paddle head speed from the baseline.

By having the weight in the handle, the paddle feels lighter but has the benefit of added mass for drives. This is a paddle that would be ideal for a player looking for more of a control paddle and will generate the power themselves on drives.


  • 18" length
  • 4 1/4" grip size
  • 6 1/2" grip length
  • Medium core
  • Anti-vibration construction to reduce arm/elbow pain

Used by top pros, Macie Elliott & Marcela Rodezno (National Champions), Anton Protsenko, Alice Tunaru, Tomas Christian & Bernard Schoeman

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