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Re-Ignite Pro GG (Gradient Series)  - A long-time favorite of tournament and league players alike, the Re-Ignite Pro GG features an oversized hitting surface and mid+ core density. The Re-Ignite Pro is a great choice for heavy hitters who are looking for better control of their shots.

Our new 2020 "Gradient" paddle line-up features a striking new look. Vibrant gradients and a bold, modern color palette lead the way for the upcoming season. All paddles are hand-painted, giving each its own unique look.


  • Carbon mesh rim: yes 
  • Weight oz/grams: 13.6/385 
  • Power rating: 8 
  • Core density: mid+ 
  • Surface features: grit 
  • Triple threat: na 
  • Silence dampener: na 
  • Extra holes: na 
  • Surface area: 92 sq. inch 
  • Beam: 19mm 
  • Overall length: 18" 
  • Handle length: standard 
  • Balance: even 
  • Grip: supersoft 
  • Grip sizes: 4 1/4

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